My School SMS solution

Here are just some of the great features PREINFO.IN has to offer:

Instant mass text messaging

Send bulk text messages to parents at the click of a button, quickly and easily. Messages are delivered within minutes saving you bags of time.

Classes and messaging groups

Children are automatically entered into a class, so messages can be sent to individual classes, ensuring information for parents is kept relevant. Messaging groups can also be setup for parents, admin staff, teachers, management etc.

Message delivery reports

For every text message that is sent to mobile operator, you're able to see a full delivery report, so you know which parents have, and more importantly which parents haven't received the message.

Access Anywhere

As PREINFO.IN is web-based, it can be accessed from any computer with internet access. You simply login as normal - so it's ideal for getting messages out during holiday times or days of severe weather when access to school is limited.

Parents' Details Updates

Every time a parent can update their contact number within PREINFO.IN system from raising change request. This can then be used to update any other records.

SMS to Parents

Daily Absentees, Regulare Exam/Test Result, Fee Reminder, Latecomers, Personalized Message, Initimating Homeworks for lower grades, Homework not done, School circulars, Transport Information, Festival Greetings, Birthday wishes and URGENT NOTICE.

SMS to Others

All related information to Admin Staff, General Staff, Management Members, Teaching Staff and Transport Staff.

SMS to Students

All important information i.e. Class timings, Change leacture Room, Fee, Exam/Test schedule etc. can be sepratly send on student no.



  • Reduce costs (notably telephone bills)
  • This is invaluable in an emergency situation
  • Reaching each parents with private & confidence
  • More communication between teachers & parents
  • Message delivered on all “DND & NON DND” Mobile No.
  • The message sent to parents in your “SCHOOL NAME”
  • DM’s Order or Heavy rain? “NO PROBLEM” our services available 24X7.


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